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Every since I was a little girl, I knew there was something different and very special about me.  However, I spent most of my life encountering one painful experience after another.  I became very well acquainted with rejection, abandonment and most every form of abuse by my adolescent years.  These circumstances resulted in series of poor decision making on my part, that was until one of my most memorable Blessed Encounters occurred in 1996.  I was pregnant and homeless.  My mother, at the time was engaged in an active drug addiction and I questioned if my having a father was just a figment of my imagination, as he had never been a part of my life.  A group of beautiful, mature, strong, educated and loving women, who founded a non-profit organization for young mothers, took me under their wings.  They opened their hearts and homes to me.  They showed me so much unconditional love that it frightened me, I couldn’t understand how complete strangers could be so kind and shower me with so much love, support and encouragement.  They exposed me to a better way of living and loving.  I had always been passionate about helping others, but these women’s benevolence ignited a greater degree of passion in me that still burns deeply today. 

I would be remised if I did not give glory and honor to God, for He is the author and finisher of my faith.  While I had a deeply burning passion to help others, I was a complete wreck inside, broken and living in darkness.  For many years, I managed to conceal my depression and despair.  In my late twenties, my world came crashing down, in the form of anxiety and depression.  I could no longer carry the weight of my past and lead a productive life.  I could no long run from my problems by achieving my way out of the misery and voids I carried inside my heart.  It was then that I had to make a choice, I could surrender to this affliction or I could muster up the courage to face my issues one by one with the mercy and grace of God.  Because you’re reading this, you know the choice I made.  There was many times when I had to encourage myself and seek inspiration. There were other times when God used someone to inspire and encourage me when I felt most like giving up.  All in all, I found the most inspiration and encouragement from studying, meditating and surrounding myself with Word of God.

It has been an eventful process and I am still on my journey of revelation knowledge and manifestation of who God created me to be.  As a result, I have experienced many divinely orchestrated Blessed Encounters that have facilitated my living a life full of joy and surrounded by beauty, while on my journey.  Now it's my deepest pleasure and sincerest honor to deliver Blessed Encounters to the world.